Monday, September 20, 2010

I can't believe my baby probably my last baby is turning one this week. I am so sad that she is growing up so fast. We are having a circus party for her and I hope she has a blast! Here are a few things about her at one:
  • She says mama & dadda
  • she is such a mama's girl
  • She is standing but has no desire to walk yet
  • she is drinking regular milk with no problems
  • she is into everything, pulling stuff off shelves and creating a disaster wherever she goes
  • she can get out of ANY annoying when you are trying to grocery shop and she can get out and stand up.
  • She is our little sunshine and we love her so much. She has such a wonderful special little personality and we are so blessed she is part of our family.

5 Say What's:

mrs. jar said...

She is adorable. Happy Birthday, Piper!

{irene} said...

Oh already..I can't believe diego will be one as well at the end of October....crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! she is such a doll, and that picture, priceless...

Jenny said...

darling picture! crazy how time flies with little ones, i swear you just posted she was born!

Megan said...

Your kids are ridiculously cute. Can you make me an outfit to match Pipers?! Seriously!

Where did the year go? Craziness I tell you!

Kim said...

aw pips is so cute! Can't wait to help her celebrate her big day! Hope you are feeling better and not so crappy!

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