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Friday, April 3, 2009

I got a package in the mail today from my sister addressed to the kiddos. They saw their names on it and were SOOOO excited you would think it was Christmas. They were even more excited when they saw what was in it. My sweet and SUPER talented sister had made them each a cute little bunny and Ky the cutest outfit I have EVER seen! It totally made my whole week...well month actually! This is gonna be Ky's Easter dress :) The skirt is so full (it had like 3 layers) and ky kept spinning around saying "I a bootiful ballerina!" And they have been playing with their bunnies non stop.

These pictures don't even do it justice for how cute this outfit was. Plus- my camera was on some weird setting that I forgot to change, so the color is a little weird. I would do a re-shoot but there is NO way I could get my kids to hold still again. hehe.
Mckay LOVED his bunny!
She appliqued the flower on the shirt and stitched around it.
Look at how pretty that skirt is!
The cutest hair clip ever that of course she made from scratch!

THANKS so much really are the best and know how to make me feel better. I really LOVE them. Thanks for always being there for me and so thoughtful when things are so hard right now. I couldn't have asked for a better sister. I know how busy you are and it means a lot :) LOVE YOU!!!

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Kim said...

Aw! Sniff-sniff...I am so glad they liked them and you too. I wish I was closer and could help you out more. Love ya tons! And Ky does look like a bootiful ballerina...look at those curls!!!

Megan said...

Okay so Ky's outfit is SOOO cute. And then the matching shirt and bow to boot! Your sister is way talented! My fave part about when my mom makes outfits (you know I can't) is that not every other kid is sporting it too. It's one of a kind.

To answer your bumper pad question, my mom is making them for me (yeah, I rely on her talents). I will have to ask her if she uses a pattern or not cause I have no idea. And don't worry - I totally plan on posting pictures when the nursery is all said and done. Hopefully BEFORE the baby arrives ;)

Heather K said...

Darling! Holy cow how cute is everything. So jealous! ;) Did the Zofran dissolving tablets work?

.quietfeather. said...

That is a great sister! What an adorable dress set and that bunny is sweet as can be!

I'm adoptable ;]

Alison said...

Man I wish I could sew! But I can't... I love what your sister made for your kiddos! Ky looks so adorable

Laura said...

What a good think of you and your kiddies! It was fun chatting the other day and psst..can I ask you how in the world you did your cute date at the top of your post and your signature?? YOu are just too creative...i love it!!

Chelsie said...

so cute!!! you have such a talented sister. how sweet to send the kiddos a package. i heart ky's skirt and little hair sweet

Adventures in Petersonland said...

too cute! man, i wish i had a creative sister like you do!
i hope youre feeling better kelley!

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